About a danish in paris

Hello you all.

My name is Helga and the blogger on adanishinparis. Here on this blog I will try to be honest with you and try to write about my daily life as a mother, life’s small but happy moments and living in France.

I love to cook food. Its the place where i let my inspiration flow and where i have a moment to relax and meditate on my day.  It has not always been like that. A couple of years ago my go to food was raw veggies with bought tapas or finish coocked meals from the super market! and let me tell you, even that I could burn to a crisp.

so I’m self thought in the kitchen and I love to challenge my self there, use hours looking in cookbooks, when the kids are put to bed, of cause. Trying to make it easyer to cook, kid friendly and healthy and good so that the family can sit down together, talk about their day and eat.

My housebound and my French relatives have learned me so many things. I’m not afraid to taste new things and I love to mix my to backgrounds together in the kitchen.

I love to take photographs, even though I often forget to take them in the moment.

I’m presently taking a photo cause by the talented photograph Rachel Korinek, known on instrangram as @twolovestudio. and taking a photo is really harder than it looks.

I was born in Denmark. Both my parents are artist and big followers of the 60.

Got really sick in my youth so the doctors had to operate and remove my spleen. As a result I am often sick.

Came to France as an au paire” in my early 19 years. Decided to stay, one more year as a waitress, in a typical french cafe in the centre of Paris at rue montregouil. There I meet my present husband mr.big c.

we live in a small old Normandie style stone house 10 min out from Paris center. We have a small garden, two small girls on just started school, the other one just started to walk. A black cat that are to no use and 4 gold-fish that we rescued from a pond next door.

I bit you welcome and are looking forward to hearing from you and taking this voyage together. I will always be happy with a small comment or a hello.

Let the madness begin.