Buns a la cinnamon

Wednesday the day where school is off. Normally I have all sort of things planed out but in the end it all went down the drain.

Problems getting little c taking her nap and when I finally made it, Sophia barged in asking questions, needing my presences which resolved in a crying baby, a frustrating mom and a sad Sophia.

So we decided to make a cake together. Half of the ingredients, I did not have, so we made it up along the way. Sophia loved it. She even put her head in the bowl to lick it. Well she had to take a shower any way….. and now peace at last.

Its raining outside, the house is smelling of cinnamon , Sophia is watching a Danish television show with a big yellow teddy and a chicken, and Clara is eating her bun like a pro. So I will enjoy another cup of coffee before the peace is broken off.

cinema buns:

1 kg of flour

5-6 dl milk

11g baking powder

1 egg

150 of sugar

A pinch of salt

2 table spones of cardamom

1 table spones of ginger powder

150 g room tempetured butter


150 g butter

150 g brown suger

2 table spones of cinnamon

For the baking

1 egg

1 table spones of milk

Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Have to be fast because the baking powder reacts when it gets wet.
So put the milk, the egg and half of the butter in the mixture. Stir god. Then incorporate the other half of butter. stir it to a nice dough.

Put the dough on a floured table. Role it out with a rolling-pin so the dough get 50 cm. Fold the snips in to the middle and roll out again. Do that 3 times. Role the dough out one last time so it is 60 cm long and 35 cm wide.
Mix the stuffing together. And put it on the rolled out dough. Butter it all over the dough. Fold the upper part to the middle and then fold the down part over it. So it becomes 3 layers.

Roll it out so it is 30 cm wide and 50 cm long. Cut stripes in 2-3 cm wide. Take the 2 ends and turned them each in one direction and fold the snips together in the middle. I put them all in a pan so they can absorb all the buttered cinnamon caramel that are melting in the oven.

Take an egg and whip it with a fork, add a bit of milk and brush the dough knots. Sprinkle a little bit of fresh sugar one the top before going in the oven. it adds a little extra.

Put them in a preheated oven at 200° fore about 25-35 min.

Bon appetite!


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