What I’m looking forward to in September.

September is just one of my favorits month. It’s the month where all the fruit trees are rape. The apples are just there for the picking and you can make juices, marmalade and tarts. It is also the month of 2 birthdays now in the famely.

Baby c are having her first one so that is going to be a blast. Me and S. Are going to make a big cake that c can dive into. Oh and I am getting older to.

It is also the month where school starts in France. So s is going back to school in the big section. There is a new reform in France since our new president so it is different then last year: early school start, late out but Wednesdays are off. So a lot of famely time and maybe finding a hobby.

It is also the moment to clean the garden. Cut and clean the trees. Make the last barbecue or home cinema out side with friends or just us 4.. It is the month where it is still summer but it is also the month where the leaves falls of, and a bowl of soup or a cup of hot coco can be enjoyed in front of the fire place. What are you liking forward to?