Pasta with smoked salmon and lemons. 

Our lovely little one, thought it was difficult with the kinder garden today. She has been there for 6 months and even though we have tried everything. She still wakes up refreshed evry morning  saying “do not sleep, do not eat”. That stubborn camel, as she is, results in a daughter who is tired and hungry when she is picked up. 

We then try to give her some delicious things or the favorits to eat here at home for dinner ore in the mornings. Which may not be rather paedagogic, but just that she is happy before she falls asleep exsorsted  in her bed warms my heart. 

In France, children do not have their own lunch boxs with them. Which is  a bit weried for me.  I grew up with a home made lunch box for years. But for Sophia it does not matter. She is very selective with her food. At first, we thought she was one of the children with eating difficulties, she is though, well, in her own way. She never loved to eat mashed up things or other baby stuff. But Greek Olives and Spanish  Pata Negra has been her favorite eating since she was little. 

However, it should be said that canteen food does not make the most delicious food. After the French health system, you eat naturally, with virtually no herbs, salt or pepper. Which in itself does not matter to me if only it tasted good instead of just boring and plain

For example, today, she got gratinated endives in a Bechamel sauce with potatoes and ham. It should be said that if it’s done well, it tastes good, but it looked like something I rather not say…. at home we play with herbs from everywhere. Well it does not help that we try to make good tasty food here at home. 

So today when she got home, after yet a bother day with out eating we made one of her favorite dishes, it’s simple and it tastes heavenly. 

pasta as needed for the family

2-3 pieces of smoked salmon

1 lemon

parmasan cheese

2-3 tablespoons of cream

2 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper

fresh basilic leaves

cook the pasta after the time indicated on the pasta. Wee love it al dente. So make the paste with 1 minute less in time, as it will eventually boil a little with the cream and salmon in the end. Cut the salmon into small pieces and rinse the lemon in boiling water. pour the water from the pasta when it is finished. In the same pot, put the pasta together with the cream, olive oil, salt and pepper. Tear the zest of the lemon on a tearing brain and squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon. let it boil and sprinkle for a little bit, about 1-2 minutes. sprinkle with parmesan cheese and basilic leaves. 

Here the photo is without basilic  as Sophia does not like it. I have another pasta dish that reminds me a bit about it but its more refined ….. I’ve been totally crazy with lemon and lime in my food and cooking. I think it tastes like summer …..but until then, 

Bob appetite