Endives whit clementines.

Endives has been one of the salads that has taken me some time to get used to. A little bit like rocket salad.

But my taste buds has changed a bit. Luckily I might add.

When I was little my mom used to plant them her self. They had a big iron pot, with a big paper cone on and it was placed next to the attic. Placed in a black corner and always around Christmas. It was always when it was winter so I only looked on the practical thing that nobody had to go out in the cold to the barn to fetch them. Especially when I was afraid of the spiders and buggi  man who lived there. I remember that she made a really good salad with apples from the garden, endive and  walnuts. Only problem was that at the time I did not like it one bit. But with the years I have changed.

Often in the French cuisine is there some guide line or advises f.exampel always beer in the batter of the pancakes to make them lighter, you serve a cheese per person on a cheese platter after dinner, always serve the oldest lady in the party first and then you go down the rank and then you do the same with the men. oh and most importent the wine should be tasted not only drinking it etc.

There are so many things and small funny rules. I some times forget every thing about them and get the eye’s from my housebound or a cough from him when I forget and put my elbows on the table. Some of them can be rather funny, its like an eduction for young ladies in the old times of how to entertain a party, cook and behave, and sometimes it can be rather handy when you are out among others so you do not steep on some toes. sometimes though I make my small revolution…. but sssssh don’t sell me out.

Maybe it is just me that are in an old fashion French family. But I like it. It newer goes out of style.

The endives also has a rule. To tone down the bitter taste you often associate it with oranges. So 3 days ago preparing the endive I reckon that I forgot to buy oranges. But I had clementines.  And it was rather good.  Had to make it again the day after and today also because it was so god.

Endives with clementines.

3 endives

2 clementines

Parmesan cheese

10-15 blue berrys

pecan nuts or wall nuts

2 table spoones of old Dijon mustard

2-3 table spoones of olive oil

Salt and pepper

Chop the endives roughly into pieces.

Take the peel of the clementines and with a small knife take the rest of the withe threats of them and separate the boats.

They get more tasty that way. It takes a little bit longer but all worth while.

Add them in a bowl with the endives. Sprinkle the nuts and the blue berries over. Take a potator peeled and peal slices of parmesan  from the cheese. Mix the olive oil with the mustard, salt and pepper. Mix it all together. Can be served as a salad just like it is with some bread or as a side dish. Either way it is on my top 10 list.

Bon appetite.



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