It’s strange to think, that it is now 11 years ago that I put my legs on the French soil. Not in my wildest fantasies, had i imagined that my future was here in the Parisian streets.

 Now I could never imagine another life. 

It’s strange how you change. The ideas about life and its ideals. While imagining one direction, life always comes with a lot of surprises that make you have to change your plans.

When I arrived in Paris, I was a very naive typical Danish country girl who came to the big city to be an au papir in a French famely . Make a little money and go home again. But it was a culture shock in every point og view. 

Believe me that for over 1 year I ate only chicken, pomfritter, a small salad and mac d food. I started smoking because I felt lonely, bad habit that I have stopped. Dating life was complicated.

 But oh my  good was I in love with Paris. Which has never changed. Paris still gives me butterflies in my stomach even after all the years. 

Suddenly in the middle of it all, I met my dream guy. The Prince of the Gray Iron Horse, which my parents called my husbond. Got sick and my Prince cycled Paris thin to find medicine and soup for me..

He really put earthquakes in my little world. Wrecked up and down on the big mounds I had built around myself. The color black became more into a gray nuance and white, a mixture of all colors ……

He made me taste the wildest things. Things I never ever thought I would dare to taste or, for that matter, dared to do. 

The little country girl who had never cooked an egg would like to charm her French prince so it was better to get to Meet the meat pots and show him that I also had some hidden talents. It took Some mistakes But in the end all ended good.

Now I’m sitting here and writing, 13 years have passed, in a small house. Two small picky sticks lying and sleeping. A man sitting there enjoying a cold day’s beer. 

A lot of future plans, a lot of dreams and at the same time, a wonderful life, each to fight for. All this and more I will share with you.